Owners corporation administration

Our experienced owners corporation managers assist committees with all aspects of owners corporation administration, including:


  • Establish and operate a separate bank account in the name of the owners corporation;
  • Keep books of account covering all income and expenditure and assets and liabilities of the owners corporation;
  • Prepare annual financial statements;
  • Issue notices for fees set and special fees levied by the owners corporation;
  • Pay invoices and insurance premiums on behalf of the owners corporation;
  • Reconciliation of bank accounts.


  • Arrange insurance and insurance renewals with or through the authorising licensees;
  • Arrange a valuation of the cost of reinstatement and replacement of the building/s when requested by the owners corporation;
  • Prepare and lodge routine insurance claims with insurers/brokers;
  • Provide any other insurance services in respect of insurance products offered through the authorising licensees.


  • Maintain a roll of owners names and addresses;
  • Make available for inspection the owners corporation records;
  • Maintain the register of the owners corporation;
  • Make available for inspection and provide copies of requested documents in the owners corporation register;
  • Issue owners corporation certificates and answer reasonable enquiries at the cost of the applicant;
  • Deal with routine inward and outward correspondence;
  • Keep and supervise the use of the common seal;
  • Keep the records of the owners corporation, including meeting minutes and postal ballots.

Annual General Meeting

  • Convene and attend Annual General Meetings held during office hours;
  • Submit budgets and financial statements;
  • Record minutes of the Annual General Meeting;
  • Submit a report of the Managers activities at each Annual General Meeting.


  • Provide guidance to the owners corporation to enable the owners corporation to carry out and perform its duties and functions.

A Network Pacific owners corporation manager is able to meet your needs, every day, respond quickly to urgent situations, ensure all communication is effectively responded to and provide committees with reassurance every step of the way. Our managers provide a strong level of support to both committees and owners and will treat your property with the same level of attention as if it was their own.

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